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February Author Feature – William S. Burroughs’ Birthday Special!

William S. Burroughs’ 103rd birthday occurs on February 5. To commemorate this high holiday on the Beat-&-Beyond Calendar, we offer a selection from our vast collection of rarities relating to WSB—our foremost inspiration, the very source of our name & logo. Among the must-haves for any serious collector is the first appearance in print of my own article recounting in detail a visit with WSB at his home in February of 1995, in a special issue of a literary journal devoted to him. (Free Thought Vol. II, Issue II. [Item #1411]).

Also, we present a newly curated original set of outstanding significance—a collaboration of text by WSB with interpretive art by Malcom McNeill. McNeill, a British-born artist, has been called one of the most important artists to have contributed to the underground comix scene of the 1960s by Charles Plymell, ranking him This is the first in a number of particularly important Burroughsian collectibles that will be presented beginning soon, some in time for next month’s feature. Most are from the collection of Jim McCreary, who worked with WSB in his later years and is a member of the core group that keeps his legacy led by James Grauerholz in Lawrence, Kansas.

So enjoy browsing & buying from this month’s selection, all discounted for this month only—and stay tuned for more!

Arhur S. Nusbaum Curator Third Mind Books

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