JULY/AUGUST 2018 — Best of Burroughs, Malanga & More

“Best of Burroughs, Malanga & More” features 25 top-flight rarities from such luminaries as William S. Burroughs, Ed Sanders, Gerard Malanga and others. Check the link below to browse the bimonthly feature:


So, we launched the special a bit late this month—and it’s because Third Mind Books is headed to that other center of the Beat Generation, San Francisco, from August 1st-7th to launch our very own publishing arm with the literary-historical publication Starting from San Francisco: Thomas Rain Crowe in Conversation with Third Mind Books. As we’ve relayed in previous newsletters, Crowe, a self-described “workhorse,” is a poet and impresario who was at the heart of the literary scene in San Francisco during the 1970s. He cultivated many writers, from the well-known to the obscure, who were direct successors to the original figures of the Beat Generation/San Francisco Renaissance. At many of the local literary events happening at this time, the original and successor generations performed together. Thomas Rain Crowe (then Thomas Dawson) was often instrumental in the organization, promotion and execution of these ventures. After conducting extensive interviews with Crowe, we distilled the entirety of our gathered data into a long-form interview book that reveals—for the first time— the little-known story of the “Baby Beat Generation.” “Starting From San Francisco: Thomas Rain Crowe in Conversation with Third Mind Books” chronicles the activities of Crowe, his contemporaries such as Neeli Cherkovski, and their legendary Beat mentors; as well as their promotion and maintenance of a literary community.

Our official book launch is taking place at The Beat Museum on Saturday, August 4th, and will be a two part event, beginning with Third Mind Books founder Arthur S. Nusbaum delivering his acclaimed presentation “The Thomas Rain Crowe Collection: Beat Mentors & Their Progeny” as delivered at the 2017 European Beat Studies Network Conference in Paris, France. The second part will be a poetry reading with an impeccable lineup including Thomas Rain Crowe; Neeli Cherkovski; Kaye McDonough; B. Alexandra Szerlip; Jim Dalessandro; Clive Matson; Sharon Doubiago; Anne Valley-Fox; Philip Daughtry; Jack Hirschman and yours truly (representing what Thomas calls the “Third Generation” of Beats).

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