SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018 — Broadsides, Bulwarks & Beleaguerment

THE THIRD MIND BOOKS SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER-NOVEMBER SPECIAL is titled “Broadsides, Bulwarks & Beleaguerment,” and features a stunning array of one-of-a-kind broadside-posters along with an alluring assortment of politically-tinged materials reflecting on the activism inherent in the Beat aesthetic. Among the authors featured are IRA COHEN, BILL BERKSON, JOE BRAINARD, JACK KEROUAC, JACK SPICER, NEAL CASSADY, LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, GARY SNYDER, JACK HIRSCHMAN, ED SANDERS, DIANE DI PRIMA, JEAN GENET, ROBERT CREELEY, MICHAEL McCLURE, SEYMOUR KRIM, ABBIE HOFFMAN & more!  These items are on sale for between 10-25% off depending on the item.

Third Mind Books has been extremely busy as of late between wrapping up publication work on our debut release, Starting from San Francisco: Thomas Rain Crowe in Conversation with Third Mind Books and with our attendance and presentation at the 2018 European Beat Studies Network Conference in Vienna. Our presentation, Burroughs is in New York: William S. Burroughs and the John Tytell Archive will be posted on the Third Mind Books YouTube account in the coming months. As for the Thomas Rain Crowe book, links to the Hardcover & Softcover Editions of that title can be found below:



As a reminder, if you purchase either edition of Starting from San Francisco, you receive an automatic 10% off discount on ANY item on the site, or an additional 10% discount on an item already on sale marked down by 15% or lower.

Look to see more in our “New Arrivals” section of the website as this year passes through its final months, as our site will see much more attention now that Vienna, San Francisco (videos of that event can be found on the Third Mind Books YouTube channel!), & the release of our inaugural publication are behind us!

Check the link below to see the 30 items featured in our September/October/November special!


Best Beat Regards from Third Mind Books!

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