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William S. Burroughs at 105!

On February 5, William S. Burroughs would have been 105 years old. Although he boarded the Nova Express going on 22 years ago, his legacy lives on, in no small part thanks to our efforts here at Third Mind Books.
WSB is our foremost Guardian Spirit, really our original raison d’etre. I myself was anointed in his actual Worn but Lighted presence at his home not long after his 81st birthday: (https://newsbeat.thirdmindbooks.com/?p=4)

…and have thus far delivered five presentations that partly or completely delve deeply into WSB’s life & work at the annual conference of the European Beat Studies Network (www.ebsn.eu) held in the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, England & France. Here are four of those presentations:

Denmark: https://youtu.be/2MZXGsmcfJk
Belgium: https://youtu.be/OGuE9dLbcuQ
England: https://youtu.be/Y3jxktlno7Q
Vienna: https://youtu.be/oNJfMNYo47w

Why do we consider WSB so important, indeed one of the key literary & cultural figures of the twentieth century & beyond? You can get some insight through my writings & presentations, but ultimately you must read & study his many books, contributions & ephemera; as well as the better book-length biographies & critiques about him & his work. I personally recommend a chronological approach so that you can arrive with him to his challenging experimental phase. But you can just as well start with any work by or about him, as he himself suggested to alight on any page of his most famous novel, Naked Lunch.

There is no better place to discover WSB than right here on Third Mind Books- especially during these very months of February & March as we offer ONE-HUNDRED-FIVE of our favorite WSB offerings to you at various substantial discounts—ranging from the very rarest original collectibles to quite affordable gems, from his canon & even his own hand.
So please enjoy perusing our most reverently abundant Special we’ve ever conducted thus far, & begin or continue your journey through the prescient, hilarious Hell-&-High Water World of William S. Burroughs!


Arthur S. Nusbaum
Founder, Senior Curator & Publisher
Third Mind Books
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