January/February 2018 — Publisher-Printer-Poet Special — The Fine Print Newsletter

The Third Mind Books January/February Feature is the PUBLISHER-PRINTER-POET Special! For the first two months of the new year, we’ve chosen selections from poets published on their own press, publications from the presses of poet-publishers, and books about individual publishers and their presses. Among the author-publishers represented are NEELI CHERKOVSKI, GARY SNYDER, LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI, KEN […]

NOVEMBER 2017 — McC-Rarities/Mik-Rarities Pt. II — The Fine Print Newsletter

THE THIRD MIND BOOKS NOVEMBER SPECIAL is “McC-Rarities/Mik-Rarities Pt. II,” featuring twenty-five collection-defining rarities from the archives of Ken Mikolowski, founder of Detroit’s legendary “Alternative Press,” and Jim McCrary; poet, educator, and part of William S. Burroughs’ inner circle in Lawrence, Kansas during the last years of his life. We added to the mix some […]

SEPTEMBER 2017 — GARY SNYDER SALE! — The Fine Print Newsletter

THE THIRD MIND BOOKS SEPTEMBER SPECIAL features GARY SNYDER, Beat-&-Beyond ambassador of ecological, ethno-poetic and Zen learning. For the month of September only, we’ll be featuring 25 items from Snyder–and most from the collection of KEN MIKOLOWSKI, poet and publisher of Detroit’s legendary Alternative Press. The ORIGINAL “Alternative Press,” not the music magazine of immense […]

AUGUST 2017 — Kenward Elmslie & a Beat Bricolage! — The Fine Print Newsletter

  The Third Mind Books AUGUST MONTHLY SPECIAL features the oft-overshadowed KENWARD ELMSLIE; poet, playwright, songwriter, lyricist extraordinaire of “New York School” renown. The Elmslie items featured are from the collection of KEN MIKOLOWSKI, co-founder of the legendary underground publishing house, the ALTERNATIVE PRESS, publishers & friends of myriad Beat Generation, “New York School,” and […]

APRIL 2017 — Literary Magazines & Artist-to-Artist Collaborations — The Fine Print Newsletter

For the month of April, we’ve decided to celebrate the rich history of the literary magazine (itself a collaboration of sorts) and the multifarious examples of literary collaboration enacted by many totem figures of Mid-Century American Poetic Development. We’ve gathered together some incredible collaborations from Joe Brainaird, Anne Waldman, Ted Berrigan, Lewis Warsh, Robert Creeley, […]