Third Mind Books Contributions to the European Beat Studies Network Conferences

Our curators are members of the European Beat Studies Network.  EBSN was established in 2010 as an informal organization dedicated to promoting and sharing critical and creative work in the Beat field. Every year the organization holds a conference in different countries with participants from across the world.

Arthur S. Nusbaum has contributed the following presentations in the previous conferences which have been filmed and are available to watch on YouTube:


EBSN 2012: Beat Books As Artifacts


EBSN 2013: Exploring with James Grauerholz in Burroughsland


EBSN 2015: A Window on the Beats: Paul Bowles’ Letters from Tangier


EBSN 2016: Beat Impressions: A Conversation with John Tytell


EBSN 2017: Beat Mentors & Their Progeny


EBSN 2018: Burroughs is in New York: William S. Burroughs and the John Tytell Archive


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